Precautions for Replacing Automobile Wheel Hubs


Precautions for Replacing Automobile Wheel Hubs

   The size and width of car wheels are a very important set of data. The larger the size, the thinner the tire should be, because it is important to maintain the circumference of the tire as much as possible, otherwise the speedometer may deviate. The thinner the tire, the more pronounced the feeling on the road surface. The wider the wheel, the wider the tires it can fit. Although it may increase fuel consumption, the larger the ground contact area, the more stable the grip. Friends who consider car performance should replace wider tires reasonably.

Precautions for replacing car wheels:

   One is to use too large car wheels. Many people think that as long as a car hub is installed without touching the outer sheet metal, it's okay. In fact, when you remove the wheel and carefully examine the structure inside, there are many places that are very easy to get stuck, especially when the car is driven, the shock absorber will compress instantly on bumpy roads. Therefore, when replacing a large car hub, it should also be used appropriately, rather than blindly seeking beauty, and ultimately the car will not be able to drive. In addition, the width of the wheel rims should also be noted.

    Secondly, the brake caliper is stuck on the wheel rim. Due to safety concerns in the current production of cars, large-sized brake calipers are often used, and the 4-pot calipers are much larger than the single-pot calipers.

    In this type of situation, insufficient offset and improperly designed wheels often easily get stuck in the brake calipers. Fortunately, this situation is easy to detect. Once the wheels make a friction sound when installed, replace them quickly.

   The third is the tire width. Before running, it is necessary to carefully observe whether there is wear caused by friction on the inner and outer sides of the tires. Tires that are too wide are also prone to getting stuck by certain components.


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