Development trend of tires


Development trend of tires


1. Bias tire to radial tire

2. Tubed tires to tubeless tires, 100% in Western Europe, and over 90% in the United States.

3. Normal section tire to low section tire

4. Double tires and fitted to super single tires.

Performance characteristics

Due to its structural characteristics, tubeless tires do not immediately deflate when subjected to penetrating punctures, and have sufficient time to process, with a relatively high speed level.

2. Due to the large rim, there is sufficient heat dissipation space, and the braking distance is short.

3. Due to the lack of inner tire cushion belt, the tire has less heat during driving, fast heat dissipation, and is safe to use.

4. Flat section, high lateral rigidity, and good steering and handling performance.

5. Good uniformity, balance, and comfort.

6. Reduce the vehicle's dead weight, low rolling resistance, and fuel economy.

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